Dog shop - accessories and dog supplies for sale

In our dog shop you will find a wide selection of dog food and dog supplies. Here you can buy dog accessories cheap online. Many brands and thousands of products are available for you to choose from. From dog harnesses and dog boxes to dog toys and dog beds, you will find everything you need for your dog here in the dog shop.

Buy dog food and accessories online

Dogs can have very special requirements for dog food. Whether your favorite is very picky or only tolerates very special dog food, with us you will find the right food for your dog in our dog food category. Our offer includes dog wet food, dry dog ??food, special puppy food, but also natural chewing and delicious dog biscuits. So that the dog food can also be optimally served, you can also buy the matching dog bowl in our assortment. Of course, dog bowls in numerous sizes, shapes and colors are included in our dog shop so that the right bowl for your dog is guaranteed to be found.

Dog toy for game, dog sport and training

In addition to numerous pampering, cuddling and daily walk play hours with your dog are particularly important. In our dog shop you will find many different dog toys for different game shapes and locations. Whether cuddly animals, dog balls in various sizes, dog toys for the dog, dog toys for swimming, products for throwing and retrieving, ropes and rings or special dog toy for puppies, our range offers everything the dog heart desires. A high stability, great robustness and an optimal longevity through the use of first-class materials are a matter of course.

Mark dog correctly with dog tag

Engraved dog tags are ideal for the reliable identification of your pet. These brands are instantly visible and readable should your pet travel alone. The finder of your pet can assign the animal immediately. Choose your desired model of enamel, stainless steel, brass or plastic and tell us after the purchase your engraving request. You can engrave your name, pet name, phone number, address, or other engraving requests on the pet stamp. In our assortment you will find dog tags with rhinestones, an enamelled motif, with glitter or in a very simple design. Dog tags are important for your dog's identification, but also a great gift for special occasions.

Everything for dog grooming

A well-groomed dog is happy and healthy! With our wide range of dog care products, we ensure that your dog does not miss out on anything. Grooming is important for a well-groomed appearance and for the health of your dog. The optimal dog care begins with the daily cleaning of the ears and eyes, goes on with the claws and grooming and ends with a special vermin protection. Exactly for these situations in the dog need we offer you high-quality and reliable products, on which you can always rely.

In order to find the optimal product for every breed of dog, you can of course choose between numerous articles and different designs in our dog shop so that you will find both the optimal brush for short and the right model for long dog fur.

Dog bed, doghouse, transport box and Co.

Buy dogs, if we humans would allow you to do so, dog beds combine comfort with style. Dog beds and dog pillows where the price-performance ratio is right.

For the small dog breeds there are smaller dog beds or cuddly caves and for the big dogs the XXL variations or big dog baskets. For all of you who would like to take your sweetheart on holiday, we offer in the Schnauzerl dog shop the right transport box or carrying bag. With a dog box your four-legged friend is well protected and optimally cared for. In addition to the transport boxes you will find in our dog shop as well as dog lamps and harnesses for buckling in the back seat. If you are cycling or walking, you will find handy panniers, trolleys and carrying bags for small and large dogs.

Puppy food and accessories for young dogs

As a little extra for you we have a special category for puppies and puppies decorated in our dog shop. There you can find everything you need for a perfect start. With the right feeding the rearing of your puppies begins. Specially adapted to puppies natural food based on quality ingredients. Puppies need a lot of affection, especially at the beginning, and how better to show them than with a plush toy, a fluffy dog pillow or a trendy dog collar with a dog tag. In