Bio Pig Feed

Organic pig feed

Our high-quality pig feed in organic quality is adapted to the different life stages of the pigs. The pig feed complies with the strict requirements of the EU organic regulation and organic farms, and here a qualitatively valuable non-GM feed for pigs is offered.

The sow can be fed with the Göweil Bio Zuchtsauenfutter S during the pregnancy 1-2 weeks before the birth. For the first feeding of piglets from the 2nd week of life is especially our organic piglet starter. After stopping the piglets, the gradual adaptation to the organic piglet rearing feed should take place.

After stopping the piglets, the organic piglet rearing feed should be fed up to a weight of 35 kg. The pig feed can be fed dry or as a porridge. If you go by weight, then settled piglets, so-called "runners" can be switched from a liveweight of about 30 kg to the Göweil organic pork feed.

Since the pig fattening diet is very rich in protein, it should be rationed accordingly when used as a maintenance feed for hobby pigs and breeding berries and fed with roughage or fresh food (hay, straw, grass, silage, vegetables, ...).