Bird Shop - cheap bird accessories

Here you will find a wide selection of bird accessories for your bird. From high-quality bird food and sturdy birdhouses to the birdcage and cage accessories you will find all the accessories your bird needs. Our wild feathered friends will be considered as well. Birdwatchers will find in Schnauzerl a wide range of wild bird feed, bird houses and nesting boxes.

Bird accessories and toys from Austria

To make it easy for your furry friend, you will find a wide selection of different bird toys for budgerigars and parrots. A bird playground and intelligence toys, swings and perches. A spacious bird cage with toys and climbing is a must for your pet to feel at home.

Find the right bird food

In order to ensure continued survival, it is important for wild birds to survive all year food shortages and find suitable breeding sites. In terms of wild bird feeding has done a lot in recent years. The opinion of a year-round, continuous feeding to preserve biodiversity is already scientifically recognized and supported. In our bird shop you will therefore find different bird food with different ingredients and supplements for parrots, parakeets, pigeons and wild birds.

Hang birdhouse and nesting box

With a feeding place you create a place where you can watch the birds and their singing up close. The best time to hang a nesting box or bird house is December. In the cold season, the nest boxes are often used as a shelter. In nature, breeding opportunities for cave herders have become very rare, so the likelihood is very high, so that a suspended nesting box is actually occupied.

Birdcage and aviaries

A bird needs a lot of care and attention and, above all, enough exercise. If you can not offer your feathered friend "outings," a birdcage is usually not enough. Ideally, you will provide your bird with a large bird aviary or a bird's room. There, the wings can be spread out and moved.