Cat flap & cat door buy cheap

A cat flap allows your cat to go on and off independently. In the cat flaps there are in addition to the conventional cat doors with 4-way and 2-way closure and smart cat flaps with chip, infrared sensor or magnet collar key. As a result, only your cat comes through the cat flap in the house.

Staywell Cat Flap - brand quality from PETSAFE

The PETSAFE STAYWELL cat flaps give you and your pet more independence. The flaps can be installed in doors and windows depending on the model. If you want to grant access for your cat only, choose a Magnetic Cat flap or Cat flap with Microchip. The latter can be programmed so that only your animals can go in and out.

Cat Mate cat flap - also with timer

Cat Mate cat flaps offer a variety of Cat Doors for all needs. Air-proof, magnetic closing cat flaps with brush seal ensure a weather-proof closure and reduce energy loss in the house. Is your cat flap displayed? A cat flap with timer is the Cat Mate 359 without a chip. In addition to the timer, the Cat Mate 355 Microchip also offers a cat-chip function. If you do not need access restrictions for your cat, Cat Mate also includes classic 2-way and 4-way cat flaps. Made from high quality plastics and with proven design principles, Pet Mate comes with a 3 year manufacturer's warranty on all Cat Mate cat flap models.