Cat shop - cat accessories and cat food

Welcome to our cat shop. Whether the matching cat tree or the right cat food - here in the cat shop you will find everything for your cat. Here you will find everything about cat supplies and cat accessories online, what you need for the all-round care of your cat. Have fun with our large assortment of cat articles.

Everything for the cat - cat supplies for every occasion

Cat owners know how demanding the velvet paws are in general. For this reason, you will find in Schnauzerl cat shop only products that keep what they promise and in addition to a first-class quality in addition to convince with a low price. Look forward to a stunning variety of different products for your cat and still buy cat food, a new cat tree, cat toy or other cat products from the comfort of your own home sofa. Our goal is to make you and your cat completely satisfied, which is why we regularly expand our range for cat needs and in addition to the normal products also have many special features to offer. Look forward to low prices, a short delivery time and lots of cat accessories online. Never save in our cat shop on the quality, but only on the price.

Cat Scratching Trees and Cat Toy Adventures Playground and Recreation

Cats are curious and have fun playing and hunting. Crackling rustling tunnels, glowing balls, rotating LED lasers, scratching toys and mice with CatNip. Cat toy awakens the joy of discovery and keeps your cat fit. In Schnauzerl cats shop you will find a rich assortment of cat toys for cats.

Should your cat get lost in your furniture, you can get help with the scratching furniture or scratching posts in our shop. The scratching posts in our cat shop offer plenty of room for scratching and playing. Sisal-wrapped logs are extremely sturdy, and your cat can whet its claws to its heart's content.

Whether a simple small cat tree or a model that reaches up to the ceiling with many hiding places: We have guaranteed the appropriate cat tree in your desired execution at an optimal price. If you want to give your cat a particularly comfortable cat tree, you will find in our offer beautiful designs with sleeping and cuddly places, hammocks and cuddly cave with other exciting employment opportunities.

The right place to sleep for your baby tiger

Cats sleep about 16 hours a day. A quiet, cozy place to sleep is especially important for a relaxing nap. While some cats like it extra soft and cuddly, other cats prefer hard and rough. Due to the different needs, we offer in our cats shop a large selection of different sleeping conditions. In addition to soft cat beds in many colors, we also offer cat caves, cat pillows, reclining tubs, scratching beds, hammocks and cozy radiator beds. In addition to a cozy place you can set real accents in your apartment with one or the other designer piece.

Healthy and tasty - selected cat food

Anyone who is already a cat owner or knows a cat knows that cats are particularly picky in terms of nutrition and cat food. Cat owners therefore often find it difficult to find the right one for their four-legged friend. In our cat shop you will find selected wet food and dry food for your cat. Treat your cat with a great variety of high quality cat food. In order to be able to enjoy the good cat food properly, you will find in our cat shop in addition to cat food and the matching cat bowl in various shapes, colors and sizes. In addition to the right cat bowl, we also supply drinking fountains, practical feeders and the appropriate feed containers for the dry food in our assortment. Samtpfoten love drinking from a drinking fountain, because they can take here flowing and fresh water.

Cat accessories in the cat shop for all-round care

So that your cat can go out at any time and at will, you will find in our cat shop also many cat flaps in various designs and with chip - matching your door and in different sizes and shapes and in different colors. In addition, we offer reliable cat nets and remote means for or against cats. For cats that can not go outside, you will also get the right cat's collar and comfortable cat leash in our cat shop, so that you can get some fresh air together with your velvet paw.

Hygiene and care products for cats

Every cat household should have a litter box as soon as a cat is in the house. Whether hooded toilets, shell toilets, self-cleaning litter boxes or corner toilets. Here in our cat shop you are guaranteed to find the right cat toilet for your taste and your cat. You will find many other products related to litter box in our category litter box & litter. Cat litter, shovels in different colors, as well as deodorant and odor binders help you to keep your cat litter always nice, fresh and clean. Your cat will always feel well.

As you can see, besides dog supplies, you will also find everything for your cat in our shop. Whether cat food, cat toilet, cat tree or cat bed, in our cat shop you are guaranteed to find the right products for your cat.