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Cats love scratching posts and raised furniture for scratching, lying and watching. Here you will find a large selection of cat houses, cats scratching posts and scratching boards. Whether natural cat tree, stable XXL cat tree for large cats or modern Banana Leaf cat tree - discover our wide selection of beautiful cat trees.

Scratching tree for every cat

The scratching post belongs to the cat like a feeding bowl or cat toilet. Here you will find small scratching posts (up to 100 cm), middle scratching posts (100-160 cm) and large scratching posts (over 160 cm) for every living situation. Ceiling tensioners are the tallest scratching posts that reach to the ceiling. Cats can get out of here. Choose your matching cat scratching post as a modern decoration in the corner, or as a climbing highlight in the middle of the room. Also scratching boards and scratching cans offer cats a nice scratching experience and protect their own furniture.

Wall cat tree for wall mounting

Unique in design and without contact with the ground is the modern Kratzbaum wall from Kerbl. This cat tree for the wall is especially useful because the cat tree is not on the ground, but anchored directly in the wall. There are now different sizes and colors from which you can choose your wall scraper.

Cat tree XXL for big cats

Your roommate is a Main Coon cat or has grown extra tall? Then you have special requirements for the stability of your scratching post. For large cats, we have special scratching posts with particularly thick trunks and extra large lying areas in the assortment.

Cat House & Scratching Post Outdoor

Cats Cats love to be outside and do not want to miss out on climbing, scratching and lying outdoors. You can find weatherproof outdoor scratching posts here. In the cat house, the cat finds shelter similar to a kennel in bad weather.

Natural scratching tree made of wood

Rustic and yet modern are the natural scratching trees made of wood. Each cat tree is unique and captivates by its natural ambience.