The right shearing machine for every animal

At the Shearing Shop, everything revolves around grooming, especially the use of clippers for dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, cattle and sheep.

Often it is difficult to find the right device, because not every clipper is suitable for every dog ??and every type of coat. Shearing performance, shaving head style, weight, volume etc. play an essential role in choosing the right shearing machine.

Buy the right clipper

In our shop you will find the right shearing machine guaranteed. If you still need help with choosing the right shearing machine, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also find further information on the selection of clippers in our blog post Buy the right clipper.

If necessary, you can filter the clippers according to species and mode of operation (battery, mains and hybrid) and buy the appropriate clippers. If you have already found a suitable shearing machine and need additional accessories, then you will also find the necessary shaving heads and oils and Aufsteckkämme for a pleasant shearing experience Schnauzerl.

Any further questions about clippers and scissors? We are happy to advise you personally. Simply use the contact form or call us.