Buy deer food online and avoid bite damage!

Those who provide food for deer, especially in the cold season, often do so not only out of loving animals. Many landowners who buy our deer food want to protect their own gardens, pastures and agricultural land. Whether one or the other motive prevails: With us you can buy cheap wild feed, which takes into account the special seasonal requirements.

Wild feeding is not only important in winter, but especially when deer and red deer get close to human settlements to feast on the bark or first shoots of trees and other crops. Such bite damage can be easily avoided if you buy large amounts of wild food in Schnauzerl in time to provide the animals with it over a longer period of time. We offer our various mixtures both individually in a 25 kg bag and as a 400 or 800 kg delivery with the corresponding number of individual bags on pallets. If you would like to buy wild feed in such quantities, we will gladly make you an individual offer.

Buy deer food that is tailored to the specific needs of the animals

As a "classic" especially for the cold season, we offer a wild-food mixture of Leimüller with high crude protein content and large amounts of natural apple pomace. On request, this feed can also be ordered with whole corn kernels. For other seasons or requirements we have other special feed mixes on offer:

  • Transient feed from maize, oats and sesame pellets for a gentle change from dry to green forage and back
  • Our spring mixture for roe deer feeding from February to March / April, whose low crude protein content optimally prepares the game for the young vegetation
  • a special rumen mix for deer with low acidity, which reliably prevents rumen acidification of the animals.

Whether you buy wild feed for deer or horse feed in Schnauzerl, you can always assume that our mixes are perfectly attuned to the digestive processes of the various animal species. In order to always have the optimal pet or wild food ready at the right time, you should consult the detailed product descriptions in Schnauzerl - or send us your questions by e-mail or via the contact form!

Our deer food at a glance:

Wild Animal Feed 1 - Solo without apple pomace

  • with valuable vitamins and minerals
  • with Infinite-Lock additive for less biting damage

Wild Animal Feed 2 - spring mix

  • optimum wild-food mix for February to April
  • high crude fiber supply
  • with apple pomace
  • gentle rumen

Wild Animal Feed 3 - structure light

  • high crude fiber content
  • gentle rumen
  • promotes digestive activity
  • prevents the bite on trees

Wild Animal Feed 4 - classic

  • With natural apple pomace
  • With important vitamins and minerals
  • Well proven mixture for years

Wild Animal Feed 5 - transition period mix

  • wild food mix of corn, oats and sesame pellets
  • with apple pomace
  • good rumen compatibility
  • low vitamin and mineral content

Wild Animal Feed 6 - rumen mix

  • suitable machines
  • rumen-friendly due to low acidity
  • with apple pomace

Wild Animal Feed 7 - deer animal feed

  • optimal wild-food mix for October to February
  • tried and tested complete food
  • with important vitamins and minerals

Wild Animal Feed 8 - apple pomace mix

  • with apple pomace
  • suitable for the whole year
  • with important vitamins and minerals

Wild Animal Feed 9 - power mix

  • high-quality energy mixture for cold winters
  • high supply of nutrients
  • with apple pomace

Wild Animal Feed 10 - Fiber

  • high raw fiber content
  • oats free
  • with apple pomace