Germ food for budgerigars, parrots, canaries and others 

Our germ food is a high-quality bird food and for example suitable for parrots and parakeets. You can choose from many different mixtures in our bird shop and buy the right germination food for your bird online.

Germination preparation

Germination is a healthy snack for birds. If the germination food is carefully prepared and not stored too long or incorrectly, it can greatly enrich the diet of ornamental birds. Germination feed is ideally suited as a supplementary feed and should be adapted in quantity to the respective bird species.

  • Rinse the seeds well in running lukewarm water
  • soak at room temperature for about 8 hours (e.g., overnight)
  • Rinse abundantly with cold running water and drain
  • Germinate for 24 to 48 hours, at room temperature in a sieve or germinal dish. Moisten regularly or cover with a damp cloth
  • Then rinse with cold running water
  • After approx. 24h or 36 h, the feed can already be fed
  • Pure or mixed with eggfood or fruit