Organic feed from Austria - sustainable and GMO-free!

High-quality raw materials and careful processing are the basic recipe for a valuable feed and a successful husbandry and breeding. In Schnauzerl you will find a wide selection of fine and natural foods such as poultry feed, pig feed, horse feed, duck feed or fish feed. Our carefully selected animal feeds meet the requirements for use in professional organic farming and are certified according to the BIO AUSTRIA and EU Organic Regulation.

In our versatile assortment of organic poultry feed you will find high-quality different mixtures of supplementary and complete feed in granulated form or whole grains. This rich range of organic poultry feeds supplement special mixtures for laying hens or broilers, which are optimally matched to their special energy needs.

The organic sheep's feed, organic pig feed and organic goat feed is supplied in the form of pellets and its composition is optimally adapted to the needs of pigs, sheep and goats in the various stages of development.

Our organic cattle feed, organic fish feed and organic duck and goose feed is a supplementary feed in pelleted or floury form with the best raw materials from Austria. You will also find horse feed and dog food in organic quality in our feed shop.

We at Schnauzerl want to use the products to support sustainable and safe organic agriculture. Therefore, all animal feeds from Göweil or Leimüller are free of genetically modified raw materials and artificial colors, preservatives and flavorings.