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Our quail food has stood for a balanced, natural and GMO-free diet for many years. The ingredients for our quail feed come directly from local farmers, where the grain grows controlled - GMO-free and sustainable agriculture!

If the grain is ripe and ready for harvest, it will be processed on short transport routes within Austria. After multiple cleaning and processing, the grain is provided with the special ingredients.

Leimüller quail food complete feed at a glance:

  • GM-free
  • cleaned several times
  • dust free

Ingredients for healthy and vital quails:

  • Sunflower oil around the quails to provide the fat needed in the feed
  • Vitamins are especially good for the health of the animals
  • Minerals Calcium, phosphorus, sodium and magnesium are important for bone formation and egg shell formation. Therefore, these minerals are added in our quail seed in sufficient form
  • Trace elements are important for various metabolic processes in the body.

Once all the important ingredients have been combined, the feed is mixed thoroughly. In order to obtain a nice color of the egg yolks, the use of chemistry is dispensed with. Instead we use the natural colors of paprika and the Tagetes blossom.

Nutritious quail food for quail chicks:

A young quail chick has other needs than mature leughers. Therefore, we have developed feed mixtures that are especially suitable for quail chicks:

Quail Food for grwon up quails

From the eighth week of life we recommend the following quail feed mixes for daily feeding:

Buy quail feed in 5 kg or 25 kg

Order the quail feed 25 kg in the environmentally friendly, tear-resistant paper bag or in the 5 kg bag. Select the desired quantity directly from the article.