Buy rodent accessories and rabbit hutch online

Experience our offer for rabbits, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and other rodents. Here you will find everything from the rabbit hutch and rabbit hutch over rabbits and bunnies rabbits to hamster cage and rodent food for guinea pigs.

Food for rodents, hamsters and Co.

Here in our rodent shop each small animal receives its appropriate food. From the chinchilla to the dwarf rabbit. Our small animal feed convinces with highest feed quality. In Schnauzerl we offer high-quality rodent food from Austrian production. To ensure a healthy and balanced diet, you should also feed dietary supplements such as a rodent or treats for daily food. Likewise, you can teach a lot of treats to the small animals or use them in the education.

Rabbit hutch, cages and free-range enclosure

Before you buy a small animal, you should first inform yourself exactly about the particular needs of the little four-legged friends. Rabbits and rabbits need a lot of exercise. In the wild, these animals travel several kilometers daily. If they can only sit in the cage, it is very much on their mind. Spacious rabbit houses, outdoor enclosures and extension elements for existing rodent outlets help to provide your rodents with the necessary spout. Free-range enclosures with an escape barrier and nets ensure that the rodents do not escape. Rabbit stables with and without an integrated spout provide a suitable shelter for the summer and winter months. Isolated or eco-plastic stables protect the rodents from wind and weather. This allows your charges to spend the whole year safely outdoors. Only by adopting a species-appropriate attitude, you can achieve that your pet is well. By the way, rabbits and co. Should always be kept at least as a couple, because they need for your well-being, the closeness of your conspecifics.

Animal care and transport

Rabbits and rodents need a lot of affection and care. For the special needs of small four-legged friends you will find in our shop the necessary accessories for small animal care. Claw pliers and scissors from the premium Oster brand, a rodent care set or the innovative silicone fur brush from pet + me. For any excursions, such as a visit to the vet, to the pet board or on a small trip, you will find a selection of different transport boxes for safe transport.

Kaninhop: Sport and play for rabbits

Kanin-hop is a sport in which domestic rabbits jump over obstacles. Similar to the show jumping for horses, a course is set up, which the rabbits (mostly dwarf rabbits) have to master. The rabbits are usually led by their owners on harness and leash by the train or the course. At Schnauzerl Nagershop you will find suitable harnesses and obstacles for practicing or for the competition.

Since all animals like to play, you will find in our range many species-appropriate toys for hamsters, rats, guinea pigs and Co.