Nicer stable work

With our stable accessories such as dung forks and saddle racks you keep order in the stable. With brackets and other accessories comes more comfort in your horse stable and make your daily work easier.

Versatile stable accessories

Space-saving and easy-to-clean storage jars in various sizes, with the matching feed bucket, facilitates the protected storage of the precious horse feed. So that the animals do not have to eat their concentrates directly from the ground, you can choose their favorite from our feeding troughs and buckets.

Our colorful hay nets are exceptionally stable and not only great for optimally feeding hay, straw and alfalfa, but are also great employment tools for your horse.

To ensure that , gaiters and saddlepads are neatly tucked away, the appropriate holders, cabinets and hooks are part of every well-equipped tack room.
With us you will find a large selection of various stable accessories, so that each piece of equipment gets its own place.

Everything for your horse stable and paddock

Our hayracks, quadrilaterals and round treads are particularly stable and ideally suited for daily use. Our feeders are suitable for year-round grazing of round and square bales for all horses and cattles.

Drinking bowls guarantee 24/7 access to fresh drinking water. Even in colder times, you can protect yourself from overheating with our anti-freeze systems.

Whether on the pasture or in the barn: With the grazing gates and insect killers you have everything under control.