Winter Bird Feeding

To prepare for the cold winter days or for the flight to the south, the wild birds fill their energy reserves to get through the upcoming winter well.
In winter, the potential food sources are usually undiscovered by the snow and the early onset of darkness. When it gets colder, birds burn up to 15% of their body weight in just one night. Therefore, a continuous feeding of suitable bird food, especially in winter is very important!

A year-round bird feeding has been on everyone's lips for several years, because for wild birds, it is, year-round food shortages
to survive and find suitable breeding grounds to ensure their continued existence.

Feeding point for birds

Support the bird protection and create it with a bird house, a suitable feeding place where the singers of nature can eat themselves.

With us you will find everything the wild bird heart desires: Winter Streufutter, year-round mixtures, birdhouses, nest boxes, Meisenknödel, suitable feed dispenser and much more ....

Gifts for bird lovers

If you do not have the right present for your loved one and you also want to do something good, you can put a heart-shaped food dispenser at Christmas, with an annual supply of Meisenknödel or the Bird Feeding Starter Set under the Christmas tree.

Non-fiction books with photos and real bird sounds bring nature into your living room / nursery!