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On our website you will find the right thing for each of your two- and four-legged darlings. So you can order in our riding shop online many accessories for your horse and of course also equip as a rider. But we also provide dogs, cats, birds or rodents with a variety of products that go far beyond the mere supply of food. So, welcome to Schnauzerl - and look forward to more than 15,000 offers from leading brand manufacturers!

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As a rider you know that it is not enough just to let horses graze in the pasture. Depending on the season, the age of the animal and many other influencing factors, different types of horse feed must be produced. Ideally, buy them online here in the Schnauzerl, because we not only have more than 20 years of experience in feed distribution, but also a wide range of different delicacies for your mount. From oats to hay to different mixtures Pferdemüsli: If you want to buy tasty horse feed for your darling, you are in Schnauzerl online store certainly at one of the best addresses.

In Schnauzerl not only the bird food is favorable

Even the "racehorses of the skies" are well supplied with us - and with dozens of pigeon fodder, which you can order cheap Schnauzerl. From pigeon breeding food to moulting to diet pigeon feed we have everything in stock. Thanks to efficient processes and high order volumes, we can also offer you parakeet feed or quail feed as well as mixtures for other domestic and farm animals at reasonable prices. Should we ever discover a product elsewhere on more favorable terms through our regular price comparisons, we adjust our price immediately.

Buy wild food in Schnauzerl and prevent bite damage

Whether you want to keep deer in the enclosure or do something good for forest dwellers, especially in winter: In the Schnauzerl you have the opportunity to buy high quality and also inexpensive wild food. In doing so, they not only promote the species-appropriate diet of deer and red deer, but also prevent game damage in gardens, on farmland. By clicking on the pictures and names of the individual products, you will learn more about ingredients and optimal applications - and you can be sure to buy the right animal feed each time.

Optimal grooming results with Aesculap clippers

The physical well-being of your four-legged friend is not guaranteed only by proper nutrition. The grooming also contributes to their share. If the dog hair is too dense, long or heavily matted, the Aesculap shearing machine Akkurata can help - also available in the Schnauzerl Online-Shop. It is just one of countless examples of high-quality animal needs, which you can order from us in addition to the feed mixtures at extremely fair conditions.

Click through the offers and send us your request. We answer most e-mails within twelve hours and deliver the products immediately: If orders arrive by 2 pm, we will send them in stock on the same working day. Despite this speed, our transparent order processing and secure payment methods ensure maximum security when buying online - one of many advantages that you can take from our excellent customer reviews!

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Leimüller parrot food VZV

Leimüller parrot food VZV

starting from 5,49 € *
5,49 € per 1 kg
Leimüller horse fodder oats squeezed

Leimüller horse fodder oats squeezed

starting from 8,99 € *
1,80 € per 1 kg
Leimüller budgerigar food

Leimüller budgerigar food

starting from 3,99 € *
3,99 € per 1 kg
Leimüller lovebirds food

Leimüller lovebirds food

starting from 4,49 € *
4,49 € per 1 kg